KeepItBasement with @TheSweenz is a show/podcast based on energy surrounding Hip-Hop, Pop Culture, Entertainment, Comedy, Sex, Creativity + Inspiration.


Mike Sweeney is the creator of KeepItBasement. Sweeney is a question asker & entertainer. After not fully knowing what he wanted to do in life, he accumulated the number one radio show at Monmouth University in 2013, after his guidance counselor suggested he take up priesthood. Sweeney ended up conducted memorable interviews with artists such as Lil Dicky, Charlamagne Tha God, Robert Greene, Karen Civil, Angela Yee and Cipha Sounds. Sweeney created the Keep It Basement podcast and YouTube channel in 2014.


Tom Zappia (@tomzappia) is a stand-up comedian. Born and raised in Freehold, NJ, Zappia decided to go on stage for the first time about four years ago while working at Stand Up New York comedy club on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, for reasons he still doesn’t fully understand. Zappia met Sweeney and Nicholas in 2017 and began to co-host the Keep It Basement podcast in late 2017. He can be found performing regularly throughout the tri-state area.


Alex Nicholas (@notalexnicholas) is a stand-up comedian born in Plainfield, NJ. He grew up between there and Franklin, NJ. Nicholas began performing stand up about five years ago after his own mother told him he wasn’t funny. He started at the Stress Factory Comedy Club in New Brunswick, NJ, where he is now a regular. Nicholas met Sweeney in early 2017 and began to co-host the Keep It Basement podcast in late 2017. You can find him performing regularly throughout the tri-state area.



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I don’t know, you’ve got a little spooky side!
— Mike Sweeney, KeepItBasement Podcast 2018